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Jessica Sutherland, President and Co-Founder

i was reading this Jessica Sutherland spent nearly six years battling homelessness in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, where she found a safe place, and hope for the future, at her high school. With the help of devoted educators and a pretty amazing foster family, Jessica made it to college right after high school, but struggled to find her path.

Discouraged by academic struggles, she dropped out after junior year, and worked for five years. With the support of a few crucial mentors, Jessica managed to return to Cleveland State University (Ohio), where she graduated in 2006, before heading to graduate school at the University of Southern California, where she earned her Master’s of Fine Arts in 2010.

As her producing career built momentum, and Jessica found herself close to her own happy ending, she decided to share her story with other homeless teens, in the hope of inspiring them to choose their futures. In early 2012, on her first day at the Union Rescue Mission, on LA’s Skid Row, she met James. That day, they embarked on the journey that would first become #HomelessToHoward, and is now Homeless to Higher Ed.